I think we all love places that we have never been to. We don’t realize it but the time before we travel is as much fun as when we travel. From reading that in-flight magazine after being forced to switch of electronics #nomophobia, to a casual conversation with friends/family about the upcoming holidays — followed by decision and planning.

Like every traveler, we accumulated a large (and growing!) bucket list of places over the years. Some ideas fresh in our head from friends on Facebook and Instagram and some scattered across bookmarks, notepads, spreadsheets (!), and even Evernote/Pinterest. When it actually comes to making a booking, do you ever go back to review everything? No, right?

You probably didn’t think it was worth the trouble while trying to balance it with a budget. But who doesn’t like a good deal. So you open up your favorite booking site and furiously start plugging destinations one after the other in the hopes of finding something that fits. Suddenly there are twenty tabs open and you are trying to compare prices not just across destinations, but also across websites. What a waste.

Maybe you thought I can setup those fancy, schmancy email price alerts. No worries then, right. Sure, if you are still living in the 90s. We live in a mobile world. These antiquated solutions don’t cut it anymore.

So, we built Tripnary — the one place where we and you could save all your 1000 Places to See Before You Die and so much more. Swipe to add trending attractions (sights, landmarks, and hidden gems) that are popular among other travelers just like you. Take your bucket list a step further and compare airfares to every destination with a single tap. When you are on the trip, Tripnary will show you everything you have saved on a map to help you plan your day. It’s time leave browse tabs, price alerts, and guide books behind.

Tripnary is your travel bucket list, reloaded — on the iPhone. We are addicted and hope you will be too. Happy travels!

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