How We Keep It Lean

How We Keep It Lean

We launched Tripnary just six months ago. And here we are today with users across 75 different countries — from San Francisco to Shanghai and everything in between. We were kicked to find that our Dutch friends love to wander even more than Canadians. Ja kindje! (that’s Yes, baby! in Dutch) 😉

It’s amazing to have learned so much from our experience in making Tripnary. Tripnary is all about keeping things super lean and when we tell people how a small team is licking 10,000 downloads in such a short time, they are baffled. It’s true, dynamites come in small packages.

So how did we get to where we are today? It takes a driven team, a ton of hard work and help from a lot of different people.

Meet —
Abhishek Ghuwalewala, Co-Founder, CEO & Intern; Varun Goel, Co-Founder, Product Head & Intern.

The recipe was simple. We acted as interns for everyone we hired to work with and we worked with a lot of people who are great at what they do! Instead of time consuming DIY — do-it-yourself approach or costly DIFM — do-it-for-me, we went for DIWO — do-it-with-others!

The great thing about DIWO is that it lets you strike a balance. We were able to leverage people’s core competencies under budget constraints. This not only kept the costs down but also helped us pick up a lot of new skills and have a little fun along the way!

Here is a peek behind the scenes —

We scribbled some lines on a piece of paper and let our rockstar designer Benek add color, structure, and form to bring it to life. Benek continues to indulge us by letting us call them “wireframes.”

We tried our stunts at creating the marketing video with Paul. We became spot boys on the set while we left Paul to do what he is best at — creating magic.

We even strung together some words for Tripnary’s marketing content, while Alex and Gina added the requisite zing 🙂

As a team, we are powered by caffeine, chocolates and certain unnamed libations which keeps the work fun and original.

So yes, the past six months has been a rollercoaster, but a rollercoaster of learning highs and lows! After having achieved so much with such little burn, we are soon planning to take a “workcation” where we will be jamming to build new Tripnary features for you!

Thanks for your continued support and feedback. We could have not reached this far without you and without all the help we got from everyone. Some very interesting things are coming down the pipe and we are super excited to share them with you.

“Live long and wander.”


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