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Power Lunch: Top 3 Healthy Spots for Chicago’s TechWeek

Let’s be honest: do you really want to settle for greasy food court burgers again? If you want to eat well but you also want to eat (and avoid the lines), look no further than these healthy, affordable, and quick options nearby.   LYFE Kitchen...
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Wake up and Smell the Coffee! Our Favorite River North Cafes for TechWeek

Good morning, Chicago Techweek attendees! Sick of quick chain and vending machine coffee? Start off this beautiful morning right or escape the midday expo crowd with these cozy cafes that will help get you through to round two. Artisan Cellar Located...
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6 Places That Will Complete any Trip to Ottawa

Ottawa offers its visitors a truly amazing culinary experience including a chocolatier that’s been practicing a perfect chocolate making process for over 100 years.     Canadian War Museum This is the best museum in Ottawa. Make sure you visit...
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6 Places to Explore Vancouver’s Roots

Vancouver presents the perfect opportunity to explore its historical roots and surround yourself with its rich culture and landscape. The city is the largest metropolitan area in western Canada and is continuously voted as one of the best cities to live...
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5 Stops to Take Along With the Milan World’s Fair

The 2015 World’s Fair is calling Milan, Italy home from May until the end of October. Travelers from all over the planet will flock to the Italian city to witness the world event. Here are some of the essential places to check out if you venture to...
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6 Places Every Traveler Should Pay a Visit to in Moncton

In Moncton you can never feel too down. A visit to Magnetic Hill proves this. Outdoor adventure and enrichment await you, so get your bucket list ready!   Irishtown Nature Park One of the largest urban parks in Canada, Irishtown offers a quiet getaway...
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6 Coffee Stops You Should Make While You’re in San Francisco

Coffee shops have morphed into the perfect place to conduct an impromptu business meeting. So many tech whizes find themselves at WWDC this year in San Francisco. Need a meeting spot for that solid business connection you just met at the conference? How...
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6 San Francisco Bars That Deserve a Visit After a day at WWDC

A happy hour is the perfect way to conclude a day spent at WWDC. San Francisco’s local watering holes offer a plethora of options in both venue and types of alcohol. Here’s a list of some places to grab a drink after a long day of talking tech!  ...
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6 Stops that are Perfect for a WWDC Lunch Break in San Francisco

Hey WWDC attendees — if Apple Music didn’t satisfy your hunger (wink, wink ;-), San Francisco offers plenty of savory lunch options within vicinity of the Moscone Center. Check out these unique lunch spots to charge up your batteries and get back...
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6 Stops in San Francisco You Must Take if You’re at WWDC

Many of you have flocked to San Francisco for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The city is a thriving epicenter for the tech community where, as visitors, you should take some time to sample some local spots. Here are some places to check out...
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