6 Places to Explore Cuba’s Natural Heritage

6 Places to Explore Cuba’s Natural Heritage

Cuba has been buzzing lately! With gradual uplift of travel embargoes, we’re sure you are already dreaming of vintage car rides soon. We thought we’d give you a head start with these with these gorgeous postcard spots, that way, once restrictions loosen up you’ll simply need to hop on a plane and get there. Ready or not, Cuba, here we come!


Sierra Maestra

This majestic mountain range remains wild and untamed for the most part, which makes it a great terrain to hike. Also check out the Comandancia de la Plata while you’re there, previously home to Fidel Castro’s rebel camp.


cueva de saturno

Cueva de Saturno

How many people can say that they have swam in a cave before? Swim beneath stalactites for a refreshing dip in a secluded spot after snorkeling at nearby Coral Beach.


el nicho

El Nicho

The star of El Nicho Natural Park, these breathtaking waterfalls are worth a good hike. Once you’ve worked your way over, jump into the cold turquoise watering hole that awaits you and enjoy a swim surrounded by tropical birds and butterflies.



Parque Nacional Ciénaga de Zapata

Think flamingoes and hummingbirds galore. Even if you are not an avid bird watcher, you will love to see birds in their natural habitat. Though the Caribbean’s largest wetland also contains plenty of quick-moving crocodiles.



Parque Nacional Desembarco del Granma

Walk through spectacular terraces and cliffs, as well as some of the most pristine and impressive coastal cliffs bordering the western Atlantic.



Viñales Valley

This lush national park is a rumored favorite of Fidel Castro. Discover it better atop a horse as you ride through the greenery and farmland with a knowledgeable guide.



While we’ll keep these spots on the backburner, that won’t stop us from dreaming about our next Cuban adventure filled with turquoise waters and sweeping mountains.


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