#TravelHacks: Choosing the Right Airport

Great flight deals are not only a factor of “when to book” and “how early to book”. Sometimes a great fare is simply matter of selecting the right airport.

IMG_1813Most times, people don’t even have a clue which airport to fly. You do research to find possible airports around the places you want to see, especially if you’re going to off the beaten path. For example, can you name all the airports around Bryce Canyon National Park? Tripnary intelligently chooses airports to give you the cheapest flights. We pull fares from every airport around a point of interest to get you the best flight deals. So if you want to check out Bryce Canyon National Park, Tripnary will find fares to both Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, so you can pick the cheapest one to fly!

Why do I care about this if I already know the city I want to fly to? Even if you know which city you want to fly, there are many cases where there are hidden advantages to flying an airport slightly further out that make it worth considering. For instance, if you are looking to check off Taj Mahal from your bucket list, you will obviously only look for prices to New Delhi, India. But Tripnary also shows your prices of all the nearby cities you could travel to, like Jaipur and Lucknow, all within a reasonable driving distance boasting a unique culture of their own.

You can save over $100 in most cases by being flexible about which airport to fly. More importantly, you can experience two destinations for the price of one and can skip another trip to check out the area.

Tripnary. Two birds. One stone. Classic.

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