#TravelHacks: Where To Go

#TravelHacks: Where To Go

Internet is full of travel hacks, most of them to help you save money. You have by now probably heard it all – “search for flights on a Tuesday”, “book at least 3 weeks in advance”, and several others like it.

But did you know that being flexible with “where you go” can save you as much (and sometimes even more!) as being open about the dates and booking windows.

For decades, online travel agencies like Expedia and Orbitz have trained you to search for travel in a very specific way. Select your departure airport, your destination, and dates and off you go. The problem with this is that as leisure travelers, you are flexible about the destination. Can you really make a choice between hot air ballooning in Turkey or zip-lining in Costa Rica? But, every travel app requires that you know exactly where you want to go. In fact, a recent Google research shows that 54% of the leisure travelers don’t have a destination in mind when starting to plan their travel and over 80% decide on a destination based on their budget.

So what if I want to fly somewhere for $300? How would I go about doing that search?

On Expedia, Orbitz, and Kayak we have to manually specify several outbound destinations to find which one is cheaper. And even after multiple searches you might not find a city that fits your budget.

Kayak Explore, Skyscanner, and Google Flights have tried making fare “exploration” easier by showing you prices to multiple destinations side-by-side. But they all lack personalization. Sorry, I don’t want to go to Chicago in the winter even if the ticket is $100 from San Francisco!

With Tripnary, just select your budget and travel dates, and we will give you endless possibilities you can travel to – in one tap! Simply pick the type of vacation you are looking for – beaches, nightlife, adventure, golfing, or something else – and we have you covered.

We display all the fares on map so you can easily find prices to places you care about. For example, in one tap you can see that you can go to 28 cities from New York for under $300 –


So what are you waiting for? Get Tripnary and let us know what you think.

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