#TravelStories From Hawaii

#TravelStories From Hawaii

We are kicking off 2016 with a new series of posts on travel. We are calling it #TravelStories.

In our first #TravelStories series, Abhishek, our co-founder, takes us along on his trip to Kauai, Hawaii.

December was just around the corner and me and my wife, Rashi, were exhausted working continuously through the Thanksgiving break. We knew we were becoming unproductive and needed a break to rejuvenate. We wanted to go to a beach, but we were skeptical about where we could fly last minute. I was testing out Tripnary 2.0 just before its release and was super surprised to find a $350 RT from San Francisco to Hawaii. It was unreal! It was one of those moments I was so kicked we had Tripnary!

Without a moment’s hesitation, I grabbed the ticket and off we went.

Kauai is exactly what people picture when they imagine Hawaii – jungles, waterfalls, canyons, and cliffs dropping down to turquoise ocean.

Here are some of our trip’s highlights –
Kalalau Trail is basically a hike along the rugged Na Pali Coast. You go up the hills, hike down to a valley, cross a stream, contour around a cliff, and make a pitstop at the untouched Hanakapi’ai Beach.


The water was so clear! We could see the reefs below.


As if the hike was not dangerous enough, we hit thunderstorms on the way in which made the trail muddy and slippery.


Crossing the narrow sea cliffs was scary but hands down the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.


After the hike, we had our first mai-tais and watched the sunset from the St. Regis beachside bar. Our legs were sore from the hike the day before so we took it easy the next day and enjoyed the day eating tropical fruits and yummy food.


We enjoyed watching some bold surfers hitting the waves as high as 25 feet pounding the Kauai shores.


The Catamaran ride to Na Pali during sunset with Banana Boat playing in background was magical. The sunlight was falling right on the cliffs to create dramatic shadows.


Early morning we hiked the Waimea Canyon, also know as “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.


We glided through an underwater valley between reefs. We spied barracudas, rays, and brightly colored schools of parrotfish. It was a different world and a different kind of peace.

We had work calling so we had to cut short our trip, but we were so glad we came here and we are looking forward to going back soon!


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