Tripnary 2.0 is here

Tripnary 2.0 is here

A year ago we launched, we iterated, we added features, we removed features, and now we are re-launching Tripnary 2.0 – THE simplest way to search flights on mobile.

In a nutshell, the app lets you quickly decide where to go on your next vacation based on your budget. With Tripnary, just select your budget and travel dates, and we will give you endless possibilities you can travel to – in one tap!

So much has changed since we started, but our goal to help people travel more for less has always been the same.

A major goal with version 2.0 was to improve the workflow throughout the app, to make everything a lot more efficient for you to book travel.

What’s New

  1. Collections – The home screen is now a beautiful, visually captivating list of collections to help you quickly pick the type of vacation you are looking for. Whether it be beaches, nightlife, adventure, golfing, we have you covered. We will be adding more to this list every few weeks.


  1. Fares – We now display all the fares on map so you can easily find prices to places you care about. For example, in one tap you can see that you can go to 9 cities from Denver for under $350 –


  1. Smarts – We have added the ability to select a budget so that users can refine their search experience based on how much they want to spend. You can also pick upcoming holidays and weekends with a single tap. No more fumbling around searching for exact Memorial Day dates on Google. This is a killer feature that is not available on other travel apps.


  1. Push notifications – We scan millions of fares to send you push notifications when prices drop to destinations that you might be interested in.


We hope you’re as excited about this release as we are. Hope you can download the app and give us your feedback.


The Tripnary Team

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